Please Remember in Your Prayers ...

For Healing and Special Intentions:

Good of the order:

  • Bill Larson was admitted to the hospital with a leg issue, he is out now but continue to pray for healing.
  • John Springstead as he goes through his recovery.
  • Marty Oosdyke, Chip's wife, is in need of our prayers, suffering from a bad case of shingles.
  • Larry Covell’s wife who is really in a fight with her illness.
  • Tom Powers as he goes through health issues.  Also, his wife Cathy who is having health issues.
  • Joe Gawron’s wife as she recovers from back surgery. 
  • Dan Cooper who is battling health issues
  • Our Neighbor and owner of Jordan’s Auto who is going through health issues
  • Roman Winkler as he goes through the aging process.
Pray for Pope Francis as he guides the Catholic Church and Bishop David Walkowiak (wall-COE-vee-ack) our Bishop of the Grand Rapids Diocese. And all our area priests and religious.
If you know of anyone who needs the "Power of Prayer",  please E-mail the Grand Knight Pat Galla or Denny Chandonnet


Dying He destroyed our death; Rising He restored our life!

All powerful and ever-living God, the lasting health of all who believe in you, hear us as we askyour loving help for the sick; restore their health, that they may again offer joyful thanks in yourChurch and welcome into your kingdom those who have gone before us.