Please Remember in Your Prayers ...

For Healing and Special Intentions:

Good of the order:

  • John Gawel, who will be having surgery on December 9th to remove a tumor.
  • Manuel Cisneros -- diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, prayers for his chemo and radiation treatments.
  • Paul Price who had surgery and is in recovery mode now, keep him in your prayers.
  • Jack Frick passed away - pray for the repose of his soul. Jack was Al Lowe's Sr. Father-in-Law, wife Barb, father.
  • Tyce, Steve & Pam DeWall’s, son-in-law, has been diagnosed with stage 4A Thymoma Lung Cancer. He and Andrea have a 9-year-old daughter and live in Florida. Please send up your prayers.
  • Bill Larson Jr. with pancreatic cancer, he is Bill Larson Sr. son.
  • Frank and Nancy Cereska for health issues.
  • Molly Delong as she recovers from surgery, also keep Bob in your prayers.
  • John Devoursney who is having health issues.
  • Larry Covell’s wife as she is getting progressively worse with her illness.
  • Joe Gawron’s wife as she is still recovering from back surgery.Also for Joe who is having health issues.
  • Dan Cooper who is battling health issues
  • Roman Winkler as he goes through the aging process.

Prayers for our Catholic church in the dealing with the sex scandal and special prayers for the victims.

Pray for Pope Francis as he guides the Catholic Church and Bishop David Walkowiak (wall-COE-vee-ack) our Bishop of the Grand Rapids Diocese. And all our area priests and religious.

If you know of anyone who needs the "Power of Prayer", please E-mail the Grand Knight Matt Carlton or Denny Chandonnet


Dying He destroyed our death; Rising He restored our life!

All powerful and ever-living God, the lasting health of all who believe in you, hear us as we askyour loving help for the sick; restore their health, that they may again offer joyful thanks in yourChurch and welcome into your kingdom those who have gone before us.