Our History

Knights of Columbus Council 706 is dedicated to the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

Bedecked with white badges, 170 Knights of Columbus from Grand Rapids, Flint and Saginaw came to Muskegon on November 29, 1903 for a day of banqueting and great ceremonial, and the making of forty-eight new Knights, who will now form a Muskegon branch of the Order.

Heading the delegations, which consisted of 100 members of the Grand Rapids council and seventy from Flint and Saginaw, were the leading officers of the fraternity in Michigan, among whom were M.J. Purcell, Territorial Deputy Grand Knight from Saginaw; Charles E. Norton, Grand Knight of the Grand Rapids Council; M.H. Carmody, Chancellor from Grand Rapids; E.S. Lee, Grand Knight of the Flint council and H.E. Naegely, Grand Knight of the Saginaw council.

The delegations, which included many well-known Roman Catholic citizens from these places, arrived on two special trains, one from Grand Rapids, the G.R. & I Special and the Saginaw and Flint Grand Trunk Special. Both trains arrived within an hour of each other at the Muskegon depot. Both deligations were met upon their arrival by a Muskegon committee and escorted to the Occidental Hotel, which was the headquarters of the day and at which dinner was to be served.

At 2pm, the visitors and Muskegon candidates assembled in the K.P. Hall for a preliminary meeting and at 3pm the initiatory ceremonies began. These were were beautiful and impressive. The ceremonial was in charge of the visiting officers under the direction of the Territorial Deputy Grand Knight and continued for five hours, it being 8pm before the fifty new Muskegon Knights were fnally admitted to the Order and made fully eligible to establish what will now be known as Muskegon Council No. 706, Knights of Columbus.

No election of officers was held, as the officials would be chosen at the next meeting of the local branch, which would be held some time in the near future.

The return to the hotel headquarters was made at 8pm and at 8:30 the large company of Knights, new and old, sat down to a sumptuous banquet which was served in the Occidental dining room. Covers were laid for 220. Overhead were festooned many American flags, while the tables were adorned with chrysanthemums and at each place was a carnation favor.

The menu, which was an elaborate one, consisted of Oysters, Celery, Crackers, Cream of Tomatoes, Waffles, Baked Whitefish, Fine Hub Sauce, Saratoga, Chips, Roast Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Cardina Punch, Lobster salad, Fruit, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Assorted cakes, Water Crackers, Cheese and Coffee.

Music, which was provided by Hunter’s Orchestra, added to the enjoyment of the occasion with many popular tunes being played.

Following the serving was a highly entertaining program of toasts with John McKearman of Muskegon Council as toastmster, and W. J. Weller of this city giving the visitors a cordial welcome.

There was hardly time for all, however, before the trains pulled out at midnight, carrying the visitors away. Many compliments were received for the pleasant manner in which eveything had passed off and for the cordial hospitalities extended. The committee of arrangements, which consisted of a number of Knights of Columbus belonging to various councils, who through their zeal had secured sufficient members to organize the council, received many congratulations upon their success by the visiting Knights and the latter declared that they had never attended an initiation that was so fully provided in every detail.

Thanks to brother Larry Kolker for this history which was taken from The Muskegon Chronicle dated 11/30/1903 (and modified slightly)

Charter Members of Council 706

* denotes Grand Knight

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Amos W. Bell
Cesaire Blais
Arthur J. Boucher
William Brinen
William J. Brinen
Philip W. Buckley
* Patrick J. Connell
John J. Corcoran
William E. Coutchie
* James Coyne
Thomas J. Delaney
John Donoven
Martin Dowd
Patrick Down
William L. Dwyer
Edward J. Eannof
William H. Garvey
Thomas Geroughty
George F. Geroux
Joseph F. Goebel
Jacob J. HetzvA. J. Hitchcock
E. S. Hogan
Harold S. Hogan
John Hughes
M. P. Janisch
* George A. Kidd
Eugene Leboeuf
Charles H. LeFevre
* Doctor George L. LeFevre
Charles Lemieux
* Richard Mead
* John McKernan
Donald McMillon
Frank McQuirk
Francis J. Quinn
Lawrence V. Quinn
Leo J. Quinn
S. A. Quinn
Milton J. Riordan
John W. Ryan
Mark Sheildt
James E. Sullivan
Patrick J. Sullivan
George A. Urbain
Mathias J. Weiskopf
* William J. Weller
George Wynne

Grand Knights of Council 706

John McKeman, Charter Grand Knight – 1903-1905

John Schneller - 2018 -
Pat Galla – 2015 – 2018
Denny Chandonnet – 2012 – 2015
Henry Hartwell – 2010-2012
Henry (Dick) Perri – 2006-2010
Chuck Wahl – 2004-2006
John Kraus – 2002-2004
Dale Miller – 2000-2002
Pat McKeown – 1998-2000
Joseph Mehan – 1997-1998
James Starr – 1996-1997
Harry Bialik – 1994-1996
Norman Welch, FDD – 1993-1994
Bradley King – 1991-1993
Vern Hosko – 1989-1991
Albert Genter – 1988-1989
Roman Winkler – 1987-1988
James L. Huffman – 1986-1987
James P. Huffman – 1985-1986
William Bringedahl, FDD – 1984-1985
Frank Garzelloni, FDD – 1983-1984
Ron Chandonnet – 1982-1983
James J. Riley – 1980-1982
Joseph Huffman – 1979-1980
Dennis Chandonnet – 1977-1979
Roman Winkler – 1976-1977
Albert Cayo – 1975-1976
Anthony Gregory, Jr. – 1974-1975
Harry Mikesell – 1972-1974
Edward Kuznar – 1971-1972
David Gross – 1969-1971
Hubert Beckmann – 1968-1969
Frank Kuznar – 1965-1968
Ray Chambers – 1964-1965
James L. Powers, FDD – 1962-1964
Frank Gawron – 1961-1962
Frank Mroz – 1960-1961
M. Phillip Buckley, FDD – 1958-1960
Joseph Leonard – 1957-1958
Russell Belrose – 1956-1957
John Monehan – 1955-1956
James Huffman – 1954-1955
Carl Gross, FDD – 1953-1954
James L. Powers, FDD – 1952-1953
William K. Buckley – 1951-1952
Harvey McDermott – 1950-1951
James Baker – 1949-1950
Edward J. Ryan – 1948-1949
Edward T. Crevier – 1947-1948
Leo Everst, FDD, PST – 1945-1947
Daniel M. Kennedy – 1942-1945
Robert M. Cavanaugh – 1940-1942
Judge Noel P. Fox – 1939-1940
Reginald Larson – 1938-1939
Charles Duff – 1937-1938
Norwood McMillan – 1936-1937
Ray D. Terrien – 1933-1936
Doctor Andrew Donnely – 1931-1933
Joseph Donovan – 1929-1931
Doctor Chales H. LeFevre – 1928-1929
Robert J. Mason – 1926-1928
Axel M. Larson – 1925-1926
Judge Harry Geoghan – 1924-1925
Joseph Riley – 1923-1924
William J. Cayo – 1922-1923
Walter G. Nickless – 1920-1922
Thomas McCarthy – 1919-1920
William E. Coutchie – 1918-1919
Albert Greenbaum – 1917-1918
Walter Bums – 1916-1917
Patrick Keating – 1915-1916
James Healy – 1915-1916
Edward Carleton – 1913-1915
James Coyne – 1912-1913
Edward J. Jeannot – 1911-1912
Patrick J. Connell – 1909-1911
Richard Mead – 1908-1909
William J. Weller – 1907-1908
Doctor George L. LeFevre – 1906-1907
George A. Kidd – 1905-1906.